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These black bees use mud and other masonry materials to build their nests and lay their eggs in cavities trees, hollow plant stems, worm holes, etc. We use natural grass reeds we collect and cut for our bees to nest in. These bees love these reeds to nest in and usually prefer to use these over other nesting materials.

Spring Pollination

Mason bees are spring, early summer bees and can pollinate during cool weather for early blooming spring trees, berry bushes, and flower gardens. They're also called orchard bees because they are excellent pollinators of fruit and nut tree orchards.

Summer Pollination

We also carry leaf cutter bees. Leaf cutter bees were introduced in to the United States in the 1930's and have been shown to dramatically increase yields on summer crops. Leaf Cutter bees are also solitary bees and line their nests with cut leaves, giving them their name.


We want our customers to succeed in raising their orchard mason bees and sell only top quality adaptable bees and orchard mason bee supplies.

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